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A special memento of the China Tee Club. Buy one for yourself, or as a gift for someone who remembers the Club.

Commissioned by the owners of the Club shortly after its closure in 2011, Nick designed and produced China Tee Club, the book. Beautifully printed by high-quality digital printing process resulting in scratch-, water- and UV-resistant printed images, this hardback, case-bound book of 28 pages, containing 36 colour and sepia photographs, will be produced in a strictly Limited Edition of 88 copies. Each copy is signed and numbered by the photographer.

In addition, at your request, Nick will personally inscribe a dedication to you, or to the recipient if the book is to be a gift. Just contact us let us know.

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China Tee Club Limited Edition Book

Limited Edition of 88
Size: 280 x 280 x 12mm
28 pages, 36 photographs
Hardcover, case-bound, signed and numbered

China Tee Club Limited Edition Book


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